All About Ionia

History Of Ancient Greece


Ionia was in the Greek occupied central part of the west coast of Asia Minor. It was named after the conquering Greek tribe who invaded circa 1000 B.C.

The Ionian's booted out all the previous occupants of this territory and made it their own.

This and Athens were their most important cities for the Ionian's. It was said that Homer wrote his epic the Iliad in a province of Ionia in Chios.

The Ionian's were at the forefront of trade and naval powers in the Greek world.

It was not long however before Ionia became ruled under the great Persian empire circa 550 B.C.

Ionia was liberated from the Persians by the Athenians, but they were almost as cruel as their Persian counterparts. After Athens defeat to Sparta in 404 B.C. Sparta ruled over Ionia with an iron fist. It handed ownership of the provinces of Ionia back to the Persians. - Copyright 2006